The view from WRAP

  • Feeding the world, nurturing the planet: We need to do both

    By: Richard Swannell, Director, WRAP Global Posted: 16 Oct 2019
    The correlation between fixing our dysfunctional, unsustainable and inequitable food system and tackling climate change is clear.In fact, it has become one of the pressing issues of our time. How are we going to feed and nourish a growing population, encourage economic development and tackle climate change at the same time?I’m encouraged to see that the message of this year’s World Food Day is...
  • The role of resource efficiency in reaching ‘net zero’ – a blast from the past

    By: Dr Peter Maddox, Director, WRAP UK Posted: 11 Oct 2019
    I recently read a fascinating infographic produced by Green Alliance, proposing a step change in the UK’s resource efficiency as one of five policies that could, together, plug the significant gap between our current climate policies and what is needed to deliver the Government’s new ‘net zero’ carbon target by 2050.It reminded me of a report that WRAP produced in 2009, fully ten years ago,...
  • Tackling plastic pollution – my observations following the Recoup Conference

    By: Peter Maddox, Director WRAP UK Posted: 2 Oct 2019
    I was in a very positive mood when I came away from the recent annual Recoup conference. The quality of the debate and the wide range of roles and interests of those taking part really impressed me. As did the excellent turnout and the rigorous chairmanship of broadcaster Tom Heap. A colleague who’d also attended spoke of her optimism at the energy and participation from the audience, challenging...