The view from WRAP

  • On World Water Day: collaboration is the only way to tackle the urgent crisis of water scarcity

    By: Peter Maddox; Director WRAP UK Posted: 22 Mar 2019
    I can’t think of many locations in film which are quite as evocative as the sweeping landscapes of Lawrence of Arabia. They were partly filmed in Morocco, a country I am excited to finally discover this week.As always, though, the romantic in me has been tempered by my scientist alter-ego. Because I am learning that behind all the exotic charms of this beautiful country, there lies a more bleak...
  • WEEE and Us – a Critical Issue

    By: Julie Hill, WRAP Chair Posted: 19 Mar 2019
    Like me, you probably have a drawer in your house filled with redundant tech: vintage phones, unidentifiable chargers, cables that sometimes work but sometimes don’t. Collectively known as WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment), it may include that old laptop that you may just need. Or the old laptop that you’d love to give away, but are worried about the data it holds. ...
  • As we mark ’12.3 Day’: my pledge to eliminate food waste in WRAP’s workplaces

    By: Marcus Gover Posted: 12 Mar 2019
    Most employees will eat at least one meal at work during their day. Despite our best intentions, eating ‘on the go’ can be challenging and many will recognise the temptation to fall into bad habits in the food we buy, and generating food waste.As experts in food sustainability, we’re probably more tuned into our habits than a lot of other people at WRAP, but that didn’t mean that the odd piece of...