The view from WRAP

  • The easy work has been done; it’s time to face the uncomfortable reality of wasted food

    By: Dr Marcus Gover, CEO Posted: 16 Oct 2020
    Last month, our expert Helen White did an audit of my fridge for me as part of Zero Waste Week. Luckily, everything was in the right place (and the right temperature), but she did remind me of something that shocks me – the most common reason why food is wasted at home is because it’s not used in time.I know me and my family have been guilty of this once or twice. Busy lifestyles (especially pre-...
  • How Love Food Hate Waste leads to behaviour change for nearly 7 in 10 of its audience

    By: Dr Mark Roberts, Lead Analyst, WRAP Posted: 9 Oct 2020
    We find ourselves in unusual times, having to repeatedly re-evaluate the things we do and the decisions we make. We can no longer rely so heavily on our system 1 thinking – our automatic and impulsive decision-making process; instead we find ourselves needing to actively engage our system 2 thinking – a more conscious, aware and considered approach.But what impact is this having on our food...