The view from WRAP

  • Join us as we embark on the most ambitious venture yet to design a sustainable fashion model for the future

    By: Dr Marcus Gover, CEO Posted: 10 Nov 2020
    Perhaps more than any other industry, the clothing and textiles sector is governed by the public’s insatiable appetite for constant change – what’s this season’s colour, cut, look? But one trend that isn’t going to become ‘last year’ is the growing demand from consumers that their love of fashion doesn’t come with a costly environmental price tag.Only food waste, housing and transport cause more...
  • Hitting the right targets in the Environment Bill

    By: Patrick Mahon, Chief Strategic Adviser, WRAP Posted: 6 Nov 2020
    In mid-August, Defra published an important paper, setting out its initial proposals for the legally-binding, long-term environmental targets it intends to include in the Environment Bill. These are a vital element in the UK’s transition from EU Member State to independent country, ensuring that we continue to uphold high environmental standards after we leave the European Union. The paper...