The view from WRAP

  • Making food last longer

    By: Peter Maddox; Director WRAP UK Posted: 27 Mar 2020
    We’re all in this together and, in the Maddox household, that’s me, my wife, our 23-year-old son and our 20-year-old daughter – plus Molly the puppy who is a challenge worth a blog on her own.The other day, my daughter and I were peering into the fridge, wondering what to have for lunch, when she held back from grabbing an apple and said, ‘Actually, I think I’ll have the yoghurt as that’s going...
  • Collaboration, commitment and courage. The ingredients we need to tackle food waste and achieve UNSDG 12.3.

    By: Dr Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 12 Mar 2020
    Our global food system is a story of both abundant success and dismal failure.On one side booming crop production and year-round consumer choice. The other of failing harvests, hunger and waste. It’s a business model which no self-respecting CEO would tolerate.The cost to people is enormous. Malnutrition is the biggest cause of ill-health in the world. According to the 2018 Global Nutrition...