The view from WRAP

  • Earth Overshoot Day 2020 – why we need to achieve a sustainable future by a plan, and not a pandemic

    By: Dr Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 21 Aug 2020
    My wife and I joined many in the UK last week in the difficult ritual of supporting one of our children (we have three daughters) through the anxious wait for A Level results. It was particularly stressful this year - with no actual exams and then what followed.  I have been involved with schools as a governor for many years and education is a passion of mine, so I was very concerned about...
  • Triangulating our way to a circular economy

    By: Peter Maddox, Director, WRAP UK Posted: 3 Aug 2020
    Defra’s Waste Prevention Programme Review was published last week. It provides a summary of waste prevention activity in England from 2013-19, listing a vast array of programmes and their impacts. The review, covering food, clothing and electricals, suggests nearly 400,000 tonnes of waste have been prevented in total since 2013 as a result of actions taken by organisations collaborating with the...