The view from WRAP

  • The day the earth stood united

    By: Richard Swannell Posted: 29 Sep 2020
    Within the last six days, two major reports have reminded us that food waste remains one of the most significant global issue facing us all, with far-reaching and devastating effects on our shared environment, the economy and on our global population. Remember, a third of all food is wasted worldwide worth nearly a trillion dollars.The latest, published by the World Bank and prepared in...
  • War on Plastic

    By: Dr Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 7 Sep 2020
     Like many, I watched Hugh and Anita’s War on Plastic last week. Whether or not we like this style of journalism, programmes like this certainly make everyone think. We all acknowledge that plastic packaging continues to litter our countryside and seas, causing damage to nature and wildlife. We all have a responsibility to put a stop to that – here in the UK and across the world. ...