Benefits of Water Metering and Monitoring for the Food & Drink and Hospitality & Food Service Sectors

This guide describes the benefits of metering and monitoring water use in a food and drink or hospitality and food service business.

Benefits of Water Metering and MonitoringDownload the Water Metering Guide
Knowing how much is used and where it is used are the first steps towards controlling and reducing the amount needed. By using less water, organisations can save money on water supply costs, wastewater disposal charges and other associated costs, such as, energy for heating and chemicals for treating water.

The guide is intended to help all organisations consider and evaluate a variety of water metering equipment and practices. It will help smaller businesses understand how best to monitor water use by using information from their water bills and reading their meters, and larger businesses consider whether they would benefit from installing additional meters (sub-meters) and automated meter reading technology.

The types of organisations that can benefit include:

  • hospitality and food service operators, such as restaurants,
    pubs and hotels; and
  • food and drink manufacturers.


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