Circular Clothing Action Plans

WRAP is starting a major new project to help move towards a circular economy for clothing around the world. 

Project aims

  • Contribute to development of global goals on circular fashion.
  • Translate global ambition to national frameworks with an appropriate set of replicable targets.
  • Pilot the framework in the UK and in Denmark.
  • Disseminate findings.


With funding from the Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation) WRAP will work closely with other key players in the circular fashion space to establish an effective, replicable model for national Circular Clothing Action Plans.

These plans build on WRAP’s successful work in running collaborative agreements in clothing (Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, SCAP), food (Courtauld Commitment 2025) and plastics (UK Plastics Pact). Circular Clothing Action Plans will be an effective way for countries around the world to work along the entire clothing value chain to move towards a more sustainable, circular economy model for the industry. It additionally is informed by the consumer, industry and business, and policy research we conducted under our previous ‘Market Makers’ project, that looked at evidence for reuse business models for fashion.

Organisations like Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Global Fashion Agenda and others have harnessed ambition to change the industry. By working with major global players in this space, we can agree a set of international goals and then translate that into a model for national delivery. This will allow consistency around the world, aiding efficiency for supply chains and changing consumer expectations internationally. 

The model will be developed alongside the successor to SCAP in the UK and will be piloted in one other European country from 2021. 

This forms a major part of WRAP’s growing international work which includes developing and supporting voluntary agreements in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. 

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