Our work with charitable funders

WRAP’s experts generate evidence-based solutions that deliver environmental, economic and social benefit. We use our relationships, convening power, insights and experience to create systematic change, working with governments, businesses and citizens to create a world where resources are used sustainably.

How we are funded

In 2014, WRAP registered as a charity. This change to our status gives us scope to explore new ways of working and develop new ideas. It also opens up opportunities to access new sources of funding through foundations and trusts.

In the last financial year (2016-17) 14 per cent of our total income (£3.8m) came from businesses and trusts and foundations in the form of charitable donations from organisations such as The Ocado Foundation, C&A Foundation, Wilko and Sodexo.

Further details about our funding are available via our Annual Review. 

Our work in action

The Ocado Foundation

  • Engaging children in waste and recycling behaviours
  • 510 schools and 460 families took part

Recycling resources for schools
The goal of the Government’s 5p Single Use Carrier Bag Charge legislation is to reduce the use of plastic bags and the litter they can cause. In the spirit of the legislation, The Ocado Foundation – online supermarket Ocado’s charitable arm – uses some of the funds to support environmental projects. A key element focuses on educating children and young people on waste and the importance of recycling.

For the next five years, the Ocado Foundation is providing £100,000 per year to fund the development and dissemination of school resources in recycling and sustainability. For the first phase of the funding, we launched The Home Recycling Challenge which uses our Recycle Now campaign in partnership with Wastebuster. The aim is to instil behaviours so that recycling becomes the norm for parents now and children in the future. We developed teaching resources for Key Stages 1 and 2 targeting families with young children by creating films and teacher resource packs to encourage classroom activities. Children’s TV presenter, Maddie Moate, headed up the challenge.

The outcomes

  • 222 local authorities registered passing information to local schools.
  • 510 schools registered.
  • 460 families took part in the competition to upload selfies of their own recycling posters.
  • 15,909 worksheets were completed by children at home and returned to school. This involved having to look at the Recycling Locator with their parents.

The second phase of the funding is now being used to roll out resources further and look at ways to engage secondary school children.

C&A Foundation

  • Transforming the apparel industry to make fashion a force for good
C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation here to transform the fashion industry. They give their partners financial support, expertise and networks so they can make the fashion industry work better for every person it touches. C&A Foundation does this because it believes that despite the vast and complex challenges we face, we can work together to make fashion a force for good. 
C&A Foundation provided €185,000 to support the development of the Design for Longevity online platform.

Platform for designing for clothing longevity

Through the European Clothing Action Plan coordinated by WRAP, the Danish Fashion Institute launched the online platform in September 2017. The partners have a bold goal of 1,000 active users making changes to design practices by 2019. The platform provides relevant and easy-to-use guides to increase the longevity of clothing. With nine areas from aesthetics to business models available to designers, our initial engagement results show that we are on track.

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