Waste Mapping: Your Route to More Profit

In UK businesses, the true cost of waste can be up to 4% of turnover. However, resource efficiency initiatives have shown that by implementing materials reduction measures as part of a wider  resource efficiency programme, this figure can often be reduced by 25%. The resulting cost savings go straight to the bottom line.

Download the guide: Waste Mapping: Your Route to More Profit
This publication is designed to be a first step towards tackling resource waste and becoming more resource efficient for organisations. Included in this guide is a blank map (or site plan). Armed with this, the first stage is to walk around your site and mark on the map the visible and potential areas where waste is generated.

The second stage is to start putting some figures to these materials and resources – this publication tells you how. The third stage is to record your material use and then to start reducing it. At the end of this guide are sources of further information that will help organisations become committed to ongoing resource efficiency and be successful at reducing waste.

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