Collaboration reveals more waste savings in an already ‘lean’ supply chain case study

27th March 2015

In this case study we report on the successful collaborative approach taken by Greencore and Sainsbury’s in driving waste out of their sandwich supply chain.

The key benefits achieved:
significant waste reduction opportunities found in an already ‘lean’ supply chain;
1,700 tonnes of waste reduction now being targeted through 17 projects;
improved relationships between the different members of the supply chain;

We describe their key achievements including the detailed steps they took, and Greencore share their ‘top tips’ with others who wish to replicate their success.

"Having a team from across the supply chain and from various business disciplines meant that the effects of potential solutions could be assessed quickly and ensured a win-win scenario for all participants."

Rick Saini, Group CI Manager, Greencore

Greencore is a leading supplier of own-brand food items to major supermarkets in the UK. In this demonstration project with WRAP, Greencore worked in collaboration with other companies up and down its supply chain to reduce food and packaging waste during the production and distribution of sandwiches – from manufacturing ingredients to consumption.