Eden Caterers aims for zero waste to landfill case study

4th April 2013

Eden Caterers is based in London, employs 25 people and caters for over 20,000 people each month. The company has implemented a number of measures to help it with its ambition to achieve zero waste to landfill.

Aiming for zero waste to landfill
Preventing food waste, enabling re-use and maximising opportunities for recycling
Sourcing locally, communicating with customers and recovering other value

Where possible, Eden prevents waste from being generated by only preparing what is ordered, sourcing ingredients locally and regularly rotating stock. The company also encourages its suppliers and clients to use re-usable packaging. Where this is not possible, Eden promotes packaging optimisation and endeavours to use recyclable materials.

The prevention, re-use and recycling measures introduced by Eden have reduced the amount of residual waste it produces by 50%.