Delivering lasting change for the UK and across the globe

This year, as we near our twentieth year, demand for our expertise is greater than ever. We united business, governments and citizens all looking to prevent waste and tackle climate change.

This 2018-19 Annual Review details some of the work and partnerships we have focused on.

Making the best use of our funding

Of the £16.8m funding received, we:

  • mobilised our UK partners through the world first The UK Plastics Pact, the industry-wide The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, and announced the latest Sustainable Clothing Action Plan results.  
  • published ground-breaking research into tackling milk waste in the supply chain, extensive suite of plastic packaging guidance, and the research into solutions to the cotton crisis.
  • helped shape government policies at local level with individual council services and at a national level with the redistribution of surplus food, the Resources & Waste Strategy and the EU’s Circular Economy Package.
  • changed citizens’ behaviours to reach more people of all ages to prevent food waste through Love Food Hate Waste, recycle more plastic packaging with Recycle Now and maximise the clothes they buy through Love Your Clothes.
  • looked to scale up our efforts globally through tackling food waste in Mexico, identifying the return on investment to reduce food waste in hotels, catering outlets and restaurants, and the creation of The Food Waste Atlas to report data. We have reviewed infrastructure for increasing recycling in Singapore and investigated re-use clothing models for major brands and markets in the USA, India and Europe.

We have set ourselves some tough challenges for the year ahead. Along with our existing partners, if you share the same passion and excitement for preventing waste and tackling climate change and want to know more about our work contact us at

Safety, Health & Environment

Our environmental credentials are at the heart of what we do, and our employees are dedicated to achieving impact within our working environment. This is the first year that we have published our Safety, Health and environment targets and achievements and hope it encourages others to gain from our experiences.