Sustainable Electricals

WRAP partners with businesses in the electrical and electronics industry to identify opportunities for business growth through adopting sustainable business practices which put the lifecycle of products and customer experience at their heart.

The challenge: Why sustainable electricals?

The Challenge

Why does the industry need sustainable electricals?

WRAP’s latest independent research can be found in ‘Switched on to Value: Powering business change’. It highlights the challenges the Electrical and Electronic Equipment sector faces and presents real solutions that can help business make the step change towards a circular economy.

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£1.5 - £3bn worth of electrical products are returned to retailers each year
90% of electrical products sold are brand new despite half of UK households owning at least one unused product
14Mt C02e savings could be achieved across the industry through businesses using resources more sustainably
£4.4bn of financial benefit could be achieved across the industry through businesses using resources more sustainably

What is WRAP doing?

We partner with leading retailers, brands, re-use and recycling organisations, charities and NGO’s, enabling collaboration around common challenges at scale, to deliver commercial and economic benefits, whilst also delivering environmental, social and resource impacts which benefit the entire EEE supply chain.

Our action plan – esap 2025

In 2014, we established an Electrical and Electronic Equipment Sustainability Action Plan (esap). Since its conception our aim has been to take collective action to tackle sustainability challenges and deliver extensive economic, commercial and environmental benefits for the EEE sector.

There have been significant achievements and benefits realised for businesses to date through esap but to really deliver the impact needed a step change is required.

esap 2025 will use its use its convening power to drive change up and down the EEE supply chain and is THE platform for developing a circular economy.

esap 2025 delivers benefits to business, customers and the environment in five ways: improving durability, minimising returns, increasing re-use and recycling, resource efficient business models and supply chain resilience.

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We've been working with European partners to develop the EU Life+ Project REBus: a joint initiative investigating the viability and practical implementation of resource efficient business models across a number of different industries, including electrical and electronic products.

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Critical Raw Materials

WRAP is actively promoting processes and practices to recover critical raw materials and valuable precious metals from end-of-life electrical products.

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Case study video

Argos Gadget Trade-in

WRAP has been working with Argos and the Home Retail Group since 2014 to develop and test a robust circular economy business model, putting the key areas of esap and REBus into practice.

"We were looking for ways to develop and deliver business growth through a more circular economy. We recognised that by using resources differently we would not only improve our environmental credentials but could also increase customer loyalty, footfall and spend."

Megan Kitchen, Environmental and Ethical Affairs Manager, Home Retail Group/Argos

The Argos Gadget Trade-in service is a great example of how resource efficient business models can work in practice and demonstrates a professional business case for change.

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What can my company do?

WRAP encourages all businesses, whether large or small, to use our deep knowledge of consumer markets, our expert tools and business focused solutions to implement and deliver the lasting supply chain change needed to improve profitability while meeting customers’ needs and protecting natural resources.

Sign up to esap 2025

esap 2025 enables business to make change efficiently and effectively using a proven framework which helps deliver value. By signing up to the action plan your business agrees to play its part in working with WRAP to take action across the five pillars of esap 2025.

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Discover more about REBus

Find out more about resource efficient business models with WRAP's work on the REBus Project.

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Make Better Appliances

Use our Better Appliances guide to ensure your product design is as durable and efficient as possible.

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