Critical Raw Materials (CRMs)

Every year businesses and consumers are throwing away thousands of pounds of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper in disposal of their electrical and electronic products.

With the availability of some raw materials becoming a political and economic concern for both governments and businesses alike, the waste of these materials represents a huge cost to the UK Economy.

CRM Recovery Project

To tackle this issue WRAP has partnered with the KTN, Wuppertal Institute, ERP UK Ltd, and EARN for a new, on a new project: Critical Raw Material Closed Loop Recovery (‘CRM Recovery’).

The project will explore commercial opportunities for harvesting critical raw materials and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum group metals, from everyday unwanted electronic products

Current information

WRAP will be publishing analysis and reports from this project toward the end of 2016. Currently, WRAP has made the following information and research available to those interested in CRM Recovery:

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Mapping of UK raw material consumption and waste >>
Recovery and reprocessing of circuit boards >>
WEEE Good Practice Guide >>
Press Release: New €2.1million project to map out effective recovery of raw materials >>

Further information

Further information on the outcomes of this project will be available here soon. To find out more about the project and see how your organisation can get involved, contact one of our experts.

Where Next?

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