European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP)

The European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) is about embedding a circular economy approach across Europe for the clothing sector.  This LIFE funded project will be delivered through a range of partners from the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. 

ECAP will take the principles of the successful UK Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), alongside other successful European programmes, to help develop a pan-European framework to deliver a more sustainable clothing sector.

What does the project cover?

The project will address many of the challenges the textile industry faces and will explore production, design, public procurement, sustainable consumption, collection, recycling and reprocessing as a means of waste minimisation and effective waste recovery.

Who is involved?

Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI)
London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB)
Rijkswaterstaat (RWS)

What are the project aims?

ECAP started in September 2015 and runs until March 2019.  It aims to:

  • Reduce the waste, water and carbon footprints of EU clothing.
  • Prevent waste in the clothing supply chain and the use of domestic clothing and workwear by business, consumers and governments.
  • Ensure that less clothing goes to incineration and landfill.
  • Encourage consumers to buy less clothing and keep it for longer.
  • Encourage innovation in resource-efficient design and service models to encourage business growth in the clothing sector and its supply chain.

What can my organisation do?

If you would like to find out how to be part of this project or for the latest updates, please sign up for our ECAP e-newsletter or visit the ECAP website.

Where next?

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