Guidance on Non-Clothing Textiles

With non-clothing textiles making up 19% of all bulky waste in the UK, WRAP’s work on sustainable textiles doesn’t focus solely on our work around fashion and clothing. As part of this research, WRAP has closely examined how sustainable principles and practices can be applied to non-clothing textiles from both the household and wider-industry. 

Household textiles

WRAP has published extensive studies on how to recycle, re-use and extend the life of common household textile products such as: mattresses, carpets, and household linens. 

Our research on household textiles contains information relevant to local authorities and waste collection companies, waste reprocessors, and re-use organisations such as charities and second-hand stores.

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Non-clothing textile collections

In this report,  we assess household and business collections systems including direct collection, collection from central points and take-back schemes, and the viability of collecting non-clothing textiles through these methods.

A summary version of the report is available to download instantly, along with 10 case studies analysing individual items or materials. 

Collection of non-clothing textiles >>

New technologies and opportunities

Seeking new technologies and opportunities to take advantage of?  These reports examine the different textile categories in depth, highlighting new recycling technologies and potential market opportunities. 

Organisations can use this information to identify existing textile fibre recycling techniques and inform the development of a sustainable textiles recycling market within their supply chain.

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Further information

For further information on non-clothing textiles, particularly in relation to recycling and re-use, please visit the textiles section of our Household Waste Prevention Guide, using the links below:

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Where next?

Want to find out more about non-clothing textiles in sustainable textiles? Take a look at our knowledge-base for further reports, tools, guides and case studies:

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